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Gorgeous blonde Victoria Pure arrives at Mike's Apartment with her flirty attitude and her ass squeezed into sexy denim shorts. Victoria has just broken up with her boyfriend and she looks forward to a relaxing environment for her vacation where she can read and sunbathe for a week… or so she says. We think she's really after bathing in something else all over her lovely pale skin. When she finds out what the apartment costs and sees the size of the room, she suggests a discount. Victoria mentions she likes sex with both girls and boys, and shows her perky tits for a ten percent discount. Next she pulls off her shorts to tease in her pretty pink panties and even pulls them aside to masturbate for us. Victoria knows how to negotiate a deal: by stripping to her high heels and fingering her pussy and her asshole at the same time! Victoria sucks and fucks her way into a free stay, and gets some pussy worship and an outdoor anal dicking thrown into the bargain. This girl really plays hardball!

Duration: 10:00   /   Added: 2018-03-08

Stars :  Victoria Pure Kristof Cale

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Tags :  asstastic little teen

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