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Ivy Secrets' first anal!

Check out Ivy Secret's first anal scene! You won't see her get fucked in the ass anywhere else. This girl is a tall 5'11" and she has a super fit body as she is a workout freak and in the gym all the time. I love those tall girls! She has never done anal on camera before and honestly hasn't done a lot in her personal life. One thing I do know is, her ass can really gape! After some early pleasantries, and learning a little about Ivy, we are ready for some first anal action. I come in and lick her asshole, spit into it and gape it. She loves having her ass licked. Next I stick my dick right in and pound her virgin ass in up and over doggy. I pause for a ton of ass gapes and continue fucking her good. Next, we go into reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl for more ass fucking and I pull back her legs and show you her wide open gapes. After that, it's reverse and regular piledriver anal positions and there's lots more gaping, too. Now, I am ready to fill up her asshole with cum and I go back to doggy and more anal and gaping. I think cum deep inside her ass and the cum shoots out several times! Great first anal scene!

Duration: 25:47   /   Added: 2019-05-12

Stars :  Ivy Secrets

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