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Kim makes a special video for her BF

Kim wanted to make a special video for her BF while they were apart at school between semesters. She'd sent him sexy pics in the past, but Kim wanted to send him something more special this time, so she decided on a video. In nothing but a black tank-top and a pair of pink panties, Kim teased the camera, as she flashed her lush sweet teen tits. Kim started to feel especially frisky, so she started rubbing that hot teen pussy. This led to her getting really hot and wet. Once her panties came off, Kim showed us that smoking booty, then set down the camera, laid back in the bed, and went absolutely wild rubbing her pussy. She didn't even pause until she had given herself an intense orgasm.

Duration: 09:41   /   Added: 2015-03-08

Stars :  Kim

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Tags :  kim makes a special video for her bf

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