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Lea Lexis submissive stripper wife

Lea Lexis is a sexy toned European beauty. This sexy slut is horny and ready to go. She struts around the room to seduce her husband. After teasing him enough, he can't take anymore. He exerts his dominance over the sexy brunette before walking in and having his way with her sexy body. The fit whore wife is getting exactly what she wants. She opens her throat to her master to roughly fuck. The couple play with her spit during the sloppy face fucking. Lea can't wait to feel his cock inside of her asshole. She gives him any hole he wants and lets him take turns between them all. Lea Lexis melts into a submissive state and takes the hammering until he is ready to coat her pretty face with his cum.

Duration: 34:53   /   Added: 2019-08-17

Stars :  Lea Lexis

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