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Averi Brooks is from California. Okay, that's pretty standard. We usually have lots of girls from California… Averi Brooks has cute little pedicured feet, perky pierced tits, and when she turns around she reveals a giant round ass. All right! Averi Brooks is craving huge cock. Right, looking like something we can provide… The biggest cock that Averi Brooks has ever had was 6 inches long. Oh, yeah. Now this scene is looking even better. Lastly, Avery Brooks spreads her arms wide and begs for a cock two feet long! But when she starts masturbating, she can only fit three fingers in her wet pussy… Something doesn't add up here! Looks like our little teen is in for quite an experience when we bring in our stud to give her the biggest cock of her young life! I think she's ready for it, but are you?

Duration: 08:00   /   Added: 2019-07-06

Stars :  Averi Brooks Sean Lawless

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Tags :  pop it hard

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