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Vacation squatting

Erik Everhard finds himself having to deal with a vacation squatter when he see Lucia Fernandez sunbathing on his balcony. She is not the tourist he rented his spare bedroom to and he has a strict no guest policy. As he approaches Lucia to confront her, he realizes the hot chick is busy masturbating on the lounge chair! She stops when she sees him and immediately tries to talk her way into a free stay! Then, the Euro babe strokes Erik’s big hard cock while suggesting another way to pay… She has two very convincing (and massive!) arguments, which she uses to titty-fuck Erik before putting her cock-sucking lips to good use! Erik invites her inside the house, but the horny slut wants to stay outside! So, Erik gets a taste of Lucia’s dripping wet pussy before fucking her brains out right there on the balcony!

Duration: 08:00   /   Added: 2019-07-11

Stars :  Lucia Fernandez Erik Everhard

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Tags :  vacation squatting

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